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Master Body Sculpting Training
Master Body Sculpting Training
Master Body Sculpting Training
Master Body Sculpting Training

Master Body Sculpting Training


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Enroll in our intense 10-days Body Sculpting Program and receive personalized training from our Master Instructor. Body Sculpting is a profitable industry that offers economic security and flexible work hours. Our Flawless Girl Training is designed to be easily understood by everyone, regardless of their previous knowledge. Our program attracts individulas from various backgrounds not only the beauty industry, such as housewives, nurses and working females with no prior experience in the beauty world. 

 An extensive and complete hands-on instructional training on body and face contouring used in spas worldwide. Learn from the best and most experienced trainers with more than 16 years in the Body Sculpting field. You won't only receive a certification we will also guide you into obtaining a national practitioner's license. 

You won't have to look for additional classes!!!

Discover the keys to versatility! Our training will equip you to provide Body Sculpting options for all body types (thick or thin) and even those with with cosmetic surgery. You'll have all the skills to cater their needs. Join us today and expand your expertise!

1. Basic Body Sculpting Certification ( Cavitation, Radiofrequency Face And Body, Thermal Wraps, Vaccum Therapy, Lipo-Laser, And Wood Therapy * for thick clientele*) 

2. Ice Body Sculpting/Metal Therapy Certification(for thin clientele with flacitity)

3. Yeso Therapy Certification ( for thin clintele who wants to define their body, good to diminish strech mark appearance)

4. Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage Massage Certification (to speed up healing and to maximize results * for face and body*


-On going support from trainer 

-1 FREE Refresher Class with in one year

-Supervised Sessions, Gain hands-on experience and receive professional guidance.

-Access To Our Salon's Beds providing you with early career salon space if needed

-Digital Marketing and Sales One-hour consultation with our manager to discuss social advertising, website creation, and digital strategies, marketing and sales to help build your portfolio.

-Body Sculpting  Suppliers List curated from Nadine's 16 years of testing products in her salon.

-Interest Free Payments we offer interest-free payment plans through our partnerships with AfterPay, Shop Pay, and Coach Financing.

-Monthly Follow Ups After completing the course, you will receive monthly follow-ups from Nadine for the first 6 months to review your work and offer advice.


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