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Cryo-Skin T-Shock
Cryo-Skin T-Shock

Cryo-Skin T-Shock


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The Cool Thermal Shock uses thermal shock in which cryotherapy (cold) treatments are followed by hyperthermia (heat) treatments in a dynamic, sequential and temperature controlled manner. Cryotherapy hyper stimulates the skin and tissue, greatly speeding up all cellular activity and has been proven to be highly effective in body slimming and sculpting. Fat cells (in comparison of other
tissue types) are more vulnerable to the effects of cold therapy, which causes fat cell apoptosis, a natural controlled cell death. This leads to the release of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators that gradually eliminate affected fat cells, reducing the thickness of the fat layer. Clients are actually eliminating fat cells, not just losing weight. When you lose weight fat cells decrease in size but stay in the body with the potential to increase in size. With Cool Thermal Shock the cells are destroyed and eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

Cool Tshock is also an excellent option for areas of the body where loose skin is an issue. Following a significant weight loss or pregnancy, the Cool Thermal Shockwill tighten and smooth skin.


Cool Tshock procedure for body contouring:

* Localized Fat Reduction, Muscle Toning and Lifting.

* Skin Tightening

* Cellulite Reduction.

* Stretch Marks Improvement.

* Body Detoxification.

* Accelerated Blood and Lymph Circulation



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