img Advanced Body Sculpting Training (CERTIFICATION ONLY)

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Advanced Body Sculpting Training (CERTIFICATION ONLY)
Advanced Body Sculpting Training (CERTIFICATION ONLY)
Advanced Body Sculpting Training (CERTIFICATION ONLY)

Advanced Body Sculpting Training (CERTIFICATION ONLY)


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During this training, you will be able to learn the most innovative avdanced body sculpting techniques used in spas worldwide. You won't only receive a certification we will also guide you into obtaining a national practitioner's license. 


  1. Advanced Body Sculpting ( cavitation, radiofrequency face and body, thermal wraps, vaccum therapy, lipo-laser, and wood therapy)


  • -28 total training hours     
  •  7-hour class/ 2 classes per week or 4 days in a row
  • Basic Body Sculpting Certification 


    • OSHA & HIPAA Compliant Fat Distribution Brazilian Bum Lift Mechanical Massage Mechanism Of Action
      License Of Use Histology Of Adipose Tissue Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage High-Frequency Treatment insurance
      Non-Invasive Aesthetic Facility Regulations Brown Adipose Tissue Skin Tightening   Realistic Expectations
      Effect On Muscles
      Licensing Requirements Cellulite Radiofrequency Infrared Treatments Effect On Fat
      Laser Lipolysis Body Fat Distribution The Cardiovascular System
      Accredited & Verified Certification Contra-Indications
      History Of Light & Energy Devices Cellulite
      Health & Safety Treatment Form What Is Ultrasound Cavitation
      Laser Classifications Acoustic Cavitation
      Salon Hygiene, Health & Safety Post-Treatment Advice Nodes
      Wood Therapy
      Professional Ethics Mixing Serums Into The Gel
      Anatomy And Physiology
      About Electrical Body Treatments The Lymphatic System
 *No Esthetician Certification Needed* *English/Spanish Class*


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