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Lip Blush Training
Lip Blush Training
Lip Blush Training

Lip Blush Training


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Our class is for beginners who want to start a career in the permanent makeup industry or professionals who just want to improve their skills and add an extra service to their menu.

What is Lip Micropigmentation?

Lip micropigmentation is a type of tattooing that is used for cosmetics purposes in order to enhance the look of the natural lip color. Micropigmentation is performed by implanting pigment at the upper dermis using permanent makeup with a tattooing device and needles. Now, lip permanent makeup is getting more popular than ever. 

You'll be taught by Master trainer Nadine Z. here at Flawless Girl Academy. 

Course Highlights: No experience needed. If you are a beginner or have basic experience in cosmetic tattooing, you are highly recommended to choose our 2 Day Lip Tattoo Training in which you will learn Lip Liner, Lip Liner & Blend, Full Lips and Ombre Lips technique. 

Course Outline:


  • Introduction to Lips blushing
  • Contraindications for Lip Procedures
  • Sensitivity Testing
  • Herpes Simplex Virus
  • Sanitization
  • Pain Levels
  • Swelling Control
  • Machine Choices
  • Needle Choices
  • Pre-Treatment Care Advice
  • Consultations
  • Aftercare
  • Healing Process
  • Skin Tones
  • Lips Undertones and neutralization
  • Color Theory for Lips
  • Pigment Color Swatches
  • Lip Pigment Selection
  • Preparing for a Treatment
  • Tools needed
  • Client Preparation
  • Pre-Drawing Technique
  • Template Drawing Exercise
  • Lip Anatomy
  • Hand and Device Speed
  • Hand and Pen Positioning
  • Stretching Technique
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Outline Technique
  • Shading Technique
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Apps and Filters
  • Getting Great Results Tips and Tricks
  • Business Strategy
  • Photography
  • Case Studies
  • Practice Pad Exercises
  • Knowledge Testing


This Training Includes:

  • -Black Pearls Machine
  • -Liner Needles
  • -Shader Needles
  • -Isolation Gown
  • -Pre Draw Pencil
  • -Lip Exfoliator
  • -Plastic
  • -Hair Caps
  • -Dental Bibs
  • -Tread
  • -Sharpener
  • -Synthetic Practice Skin
  • -3 Intensive Live Training Days
  • -Certification Upon Completion
  • -Business Start-up Program

**Bloodborne Pathogen REQUIRED**
*No model Included, you can bring yours on the second day*
*English / Spanish Classes Available*


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