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Master Facial Training
Master Facial Training
Master Facial Training

Master Facial Training


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Certification: Master Facial

                                                 Techniques Included:

Oxygen Detox Gua Sha Sculpting: Draws out Impurities, Improves Clarity, Boost Hydration, and brightens skin with oxygenating and double masking. Meridian gua sha techniques and O2 infuser work together to detox stressed skin, re-sculpt facial contours, Press away wrinkles, and create a "glass skin" glow.

 RadioFrequency FacialRadiofrequency Facial uses low-energy radiation to heat the deep layer of the skin. The heat stimulates the production of collagen to help improve signs of wrinkles and sagging skin. Radiofrequency facial is an effective anti-aging treatment.

Cleansing Facial: Cleansing Facials are a Multi-Step skin treatment that can include exfoliation, face mask, cleansing, Facial massage, steam, and a variety of creams and lotions.

European Facial: Cleansing is performed to remove makeup and impurities from the face. Exfoliation is performed to remove dead skin cells and the extraction process is performed to deep clean the skin and disinfection to further clean the skin. Masking is applied to condition and moisturize.

Ice Facial: Ice facial, skin icing is a treatment Ice is used to cool the face, scalp, and neck area.  It reduces puffiness around the eyes, decreased oil production, and inflamed spots, constrict pores, soothes sunburn, and gives the skin a healthy glow by boosting Micro-Circulation.

 You'll Learn:

  • -Salon hygiene, health &safety
  • -Professional ethics
  • -Sterilization & disinfection
  • -Muscle anatomy
  • -Bones of the face
  • -Skin anatomy
  • -Hair anatomy
  • -Understanding hair loss
  • -Skin types
  • -Skin aging
  • -Acne
  • -Wound healing
  • -Vessels & nerves of the face
  • -History of facials
  • -Skin analysis
  • -Contraindications
  • -Skin conditions
  • -Client consultation
  • -Preparation of work area
  • -Equipment needed for facials
  • -Cleansers
  • -Cleansing the eye area
  • -Cleansing the skin
  • -Toners
  • -Toning the skin
  • -Exfoliators
  • -Benefits of exfoliation
  • -Chemical vs physical exfoliation
  • -Ampoules & their ingredients
  • -Applying a mask
  • -Types of masks
  • -Eye cream/gel Moisturizers
  • -Applying moisturizers
  • -Sun protection
  • -Extraction
  • -Massage
  • -Adapting the facial routine for different skin types
  • -Types of facials
  • -Aftercare



  •  La Mieux Products
  •  Ionized Oxygen Infuser
  •  DermaRed LED Age-Defying Therapy
  •  Skin Perfecter
  •  Starter Beauty Essential Kit
  •  Phy-Nutrient Cleansing Gel 2oz
  • Essence Toner 2o
  •  TGF-B Boost Serum 0.17oz
  • Eye Wrinkle Corrector 0.18oz
  •  Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream .018oz
  • Massage
  •   2 Days/15 Hours
  • Certification




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